About Linnen

Our Spaces

Playful. Unique.

Exaggerated. Reclaimed.

All our spaces reflect these ideas and inspirations.


Linnen is a space in flux. We find this to be a positive and dynamic part of our concept and not a lack of focus. We believe that spaces and environments can work organically.


We like design, but we're not uptight about it. There is something magical about an environment that feels more like a studio than a gallery.


As our claims states, we try and create a home like environment.


We try to be as eco-friendly as possible, and we ask our guests to be mindful when using electricity, heating, or water, and when separating garbage.


We have taken active steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our building uses a modern wood pellet heating system, which is really energy efficient, and our electricity supply stems from 100% renewable energy sources.


On a smaller scale, we have also switched to organic cleaning products and laundry detergents. LED light bulbs and stripes are used throughout all of our spaces.


We purposely created spaces that are unlike those found in hotels. We like to keep things as simple as possible. This extends to our service, which is modest, but personable. We may not appeal to everybody, but those who like us sure like us a lot.


ROOMS & LEGO: high-grade cotton bedding. We provide nice fluffy, thick towels, which are replaced as needed. You will find local organic toiletries in our bathrooms. Complementary bottle of mineral water can be found downstairs. The rooms are a TV-free.


APARTMENTS: we provide local and organic toiletries.

The Creative Side of Linnen

We have worked with local carpenters, artists and designers to make Linnen what it is.

Fritz Grögel and Elena Albertoni created Linnen's logo. They are typography masters.


For 1st timers or locals

Here are some great websites for tips on events, restaurants and much more.

Everyone's a critic.

And we appreciate feedback.


Some guests will love their stay with us, and there will be some that will not.


When we created our space and concept, we knew that it was not for everybody. We do not apologise for this. As a matter of fact, we like to emphasise it whenever possible.


Feel free to leave us a review.